Hi, I’m Kathleen! When I spent untold hours, doing the same thing, over-and-over, I knew that there had to be a more systematic way of doing things.

Even before the pandemic hit, I had been wanting to offer my counseling services online, to multiple states.  After spending hours trying to figure out the legal aspects of this, as well as the tech end, I discovered a more streamlined method of applying for licensure and keeping track of all things related to this. 

With the pandemic, and my fellow counselors having concerns about providing continuity of care legally and ethically, I decided to gather all of this information in one space, and offer it as a blueprint to help other licensed counselors take control of this situation, with a sane approach.

Kathleen B. Shannon, MA, LCMHC, CRC is a psychotherapist in North Carolina. While the information on this site may be useful and helpful, as a licensed counselor, you are expected to do due diligence on your part to verify all information is accurate.  Laws, rules, regulations, and website URLs change frequently, and I will make every reasonable effort to keep these current.

Are you seeking multi-state licensure as a counselor?

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