Differences between the NCE and the NCMHCE?

comity counseling endorsement exams licensure nce ncmhce reciprocity Feb 04, 2022

Part of the process of becoming licensed in various states is the issue of the exam that you likely took many years ago to become licensed.  Some states require the NCE only, others require the NCMHCE only, and some require both. 

What are some of the global differences between these two exams?  

The NCE is more theoretical in nature. It is testing for a wide, but not necessarily deep level of knowledge. It's a long exam, and jumps from topic to topic rather randomly.  

Many states require the NCE only. In those states which require both the NCE and the NCMHCE, the NCE is seen as the "gateway" to full, independent licensure.  

The NCMHCE is more "choose your own journey" kind of exam, wherein the answer you give (and your rationale for said answer) may not be the "best" answer, or the answer that they deem to be the best.  At the end of the day, whether you agree with it being the "best" isn't considered because their answer is THE ANSWER.  This is where it can be tricky, and having a sense of the currently accepted worldview on "evidence-based" modalities is useful.  

Many states require the NCMHCE only, so it is useful to have the "evidence based" and the "practice based" approach in your knowledge toolbox before taking this exam. 

There is a way that can pretty much guarantee state licensure in all 50 US States and 5 US jurisdictions.  Take both. The ones that accept only one will have their requirements met, and those which require both will have their requirements met. 

For those who are wondering, I am taking the NCMHCE soon, so I can satisfy this exam requirement for all the states. 

Which exam(s) have you taken?  Hit reply and let me know. 

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